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Human Life

December 27, 2012

I co-wrote this in 1992 (20 years ago!)


Human life is a series of surreal, paradoxical illusions fragmented by contradictory beliefs and traditions justifying deception through indoctrination. We endure twisted history in the name of education, ungodly acts in the name of religion, suppression of truth in the name of intelligence – cunning perpetrators of nonsense strengthening cultural barriers through generations of closed minds.

Human life: The pinnacle of nature on earth, highest on the food chain, arbiters of destruction and creation. Like gods, we adapt the world to our whims, seeking expression through art and perfection through technology. We can destroy all life or create a utopia – this is our choice.

We are born, we think, we speak, we act, we make history. Cultural barriers deny humanity, obscuring reality. Time erodes memories and hides the past. Stories change with each retelling, shaped by the motives of the storytellers. Future generations are forced to relearn lost lessons by trial and error. Our search for wisdom propels us into the future. Hope for humanity’s survival transcends tradition.

Human life is very short. Too short to observe the galaxies swirling through space, too short to remember civilization before the great floods, too short to see where humans will be in 50,000 years, too short to know the results of our actions. Time is only relative to our own perceptions. It’s so easy to look inward and get lost, forgetting that the universe is much bigger than our own little world.

-by Susan E. Avery & Paul A. Speer

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  1. i just wrote a new one. 🙂

    quiet smile
    her fists unfold
    spilling flowers

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